Thursday, May 26, 2016

DayZ Standalone

DayZ Standalone The Super Menu by Rustler, Lystic, Bowen, and Raiin.

A little about the rs of Super MenuThis menu ftures some of the most respected rs of DayZ Standalone . Rustler is a well known DayZ and DayZ Standalone r who has made countless menus and scripts. Raiin is another extremely well known r, his most famous menu was crted with the help of Monky and Bowen and it was called “Bowonkyaiin Menu”. Bowonkyaiin was the most used menu in DayZ since the mod came out. That menu killed more players than all the zombies in all the servers put together. Bowen is probably most famous for his personal menu and bypass, it was always updated and he kept it private. Bowens menu was sily the best menu in DayZ. Lystic has worked on many projects and crted a few well known menus himself.
These DayZ Standalone is ahd of it’s time and d by the most prominent rs for DayZ. It’s been undetected for 6 weeks now and thousands of players have been using it. They give me weekly updates so be sure to check back weekly for newer versions. The download is free, however you will be forced to do a . I know what you’re thinking, trust me i do. Unfortunately nothing in life is truly free, the rs and i make money from subscriptions for this and via downloads. We do a lot of work to make these menus and if we gave it out for free we wouldn’t be able to survive. The s only take a few minutes tops and most will only need an email or a phone . So take 5 minutes help us pay our bills and then you get access to an awesome DayZ Standalone . You will not regret it, this i promise you.Dayz Standalone ftures:Aim boxes- Multi colored for bandits and herosGod modeNo recoilSpeed walk – 300% walking speedInfinite ammoSpawn items – Only guns are working right nowBicycle spawnAmmo box spawnNo clip mode – very buggy i don’t suggest using itExecution – A cool player kill scriptDrop player – drops the player from the skyDisarm enemiesNo grassSpeed Shot – 150% faster shootingTeleportDownloadDayZ Standalone

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