Thursday, May 26, 2016

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Star Trek Online is a tool for adding pay items to the game. Forget about paying for items for Star Trek Online! Now, thanks to “Star Trek Online ” you can add it all for free! Yes for free. You do not have to pay one you have to do is download the program. With Star Trek Online for free, you can add to the game: Energy Credit, Marks Fleet, Fleet Credits, Dilithium Ore, GPL (Gold-Pressed Latinum), Zen. The tool “Star Trek Online ” you can have the best ship, best items to the game, everything that is further premium can be yours for free! See the program on the ’s action is simple, it is also proof of this action. Group recommends the “Star Trek Online ”.Star Trek Online is a program useful for very demanding. It’s adding items to Star Trek OnlineAbout Star Trek Online V2.1:- Use Proxy.- Auto update.- Safe!Star Trek Online Ftures:- Instant ENERGY CREDIT (Unlimited)- Instant FLEET MARKS (Unlimited)- Instant FLEET CREDITS (Unlimited)- Instant DILITHIUM ORE (Unlimited)- Instant GPL (Unlimited)- Instant ZEN (Unlimited)How To Use Star Trek Online :1. Run and login to Star Trek Online Game.2. Run [Star Trek Online ]3. Click [Login] button.4. Complete items amount you want to erate!5. Press [ERATE] button to start adding the items to your account.6. Enjoy!
Version: 2.1 (2013)Price: Free for Limited TimeDownloadStar Trek Online

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