Thursday, May 26, 2016

Metin2 Tool

Metin2 A new yr, a new Metin2 update, a new bug and for you a new Metin2 Trade that kills everything! It was designed by me and codded by my friend from Russia, at the beginning we just wanted to build a simple speed , but he descovered a new bug in Metin2 and builded this for me.I’m not playing Metin2 for some rson so I’ll give you this , if you need it you can download it from the bottom of this post.I’ll give this for notting, my friend sayd me that I’m crazy and I should sell this for 50$… I sayd NO! Internetshould be free or not to expensive, so I’ve uploaded it.To download it you should do a that cost almost 1$, depend from contry to contry. I think that 1$ it’s a good dl than 50$, what you think?Metin2 Tool v3.2 at this point, only working for this game. What it can do? Can a lot! He adds:- Yang- FMS- RIB- Kozik- Antiquity (Ancient bell)- Jelonek- The range of the Autumn wind.Damage from the middle and wpons skills are selected at random, I could not do that so you can take your pick, but it can and it is so good. The program has an option to upgrade, so if something went wrong it can be expected. What can I say go see for yourself in action. Download the only working program only from Updated game.DownloadMetin2 Tool

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