Thursday, May 26, 2016

6.59c PRo|HeRo_HuNTeR Super Collided map

They have imba in it better than any other collided map.
Use it wisely to not getting banned.

6.59c Details

Kunka Water

Jugg Ulti

Luna Ulti

Orge Magi Multi Cast

Silencer Curse (Skill 1)

Storm Lighthing Remant

Destroyed Suck Int Amount (Skill 2)

Undying Suck Str Amount (Skill 1)

Doom Devour Multiply Lv

SandKing Ulti Lv

Barathum Ulti Lv

Witch Doctor Curse (Skill 3)

Abadon Sheild Lv

Phantom Assasin Dagger (Skill 1)

All Hero Impale Skill Lv

Huskar Hl Multiply

Lich Ultimate Jump Times

Lanaya Reflection Times

Pudge Hook Lv

Necro Skill 1 Hl and Demaga Lv

Axe infinte Beserk Call

Made By PRo|HeRo_HuNTeR

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