Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best Game By Pass!

Many of you guys must have known this program for a while...


-Makes your or any program undetectable in any game detections.
-Hides the process of a program from the Task Manager

-Works on every game:

*Used on an original Garena to use a Map by this method:
a.)open your Map
b.)open HideToolz.exe
c.)find your map process, right click and press hide
d.)open your Garena.exe (works on original Garena Ban me from 1st- if it doesn't work when you use this method.)
e.)Log in, join room, start game
f.)Use your map
g.)Have fun! I will try opening two grandchase window by hiding the process of the other next time.

This is sometimes detected as a virus by some antivirus and as a program, not rlly a , it will be detected like Garena ... Don't blame me if this was detected as a virus.

Kind people plse scan this with virus total because I'm not familiar with the site. Thanks

This works on any game or any other programs! So plse don't move this thrd or any thing else. You can target Engine with this just follow the method with common sense!

Have Fun,

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