Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best Garena 3.0.4 - Dota Utilities

Garena 3.0.3 by DotA-Utilities. Best Garena working 15th August. Lot's of Garena players have been srching for working Garena after the Garena Mega Exp has stopped working. Don't worry your srching is over because the new working Garena by DotA-Utilities is available. This is the best Garena with a lot of new ftures but it does not have Garena Mega Exp.

Download Garena Link (Updated 15th August)

Garena by DotA-Utilities Ftures :--

• Enter any room without 5 seconds waiting restriction.
• Removes all advertisement banners in Garena.
• 100 Exp / 15mins for basic member!
• Pings can be seen on digits.
• No Chat Restrictions, Spam allowed.
• Unlimited group alert
• Garena Updating disabled.
• Shows bars in WarCraft.
• Show enemy icons ingame.
• WarCraft 3 Dota Inventory Hot.
• Can open more than one Garena clients at one time.
• Admin Functions (some of them will not work)
• Auto game room joiner (AutoJoiner) | Press F12 to turn on, F11 to turn off.
• Can use any map, Warcraft 1.21, 1.22, 1.23, 1.24 Map.
• Anti- Protection removed.
• Can use other also including Custom Kick, Drop etc.
• Namespoofer, ability to change username.
• Garena Icon .
• Host can use Custom Kick Garena to win ladder game.
• Ladder Always.
• Host a game under custom name.
• Can Enter Custom Ladder level
• You can open more then multiple Garena clients for more exp.
• 7 Servers are added including DotA-Utilities server.
• Can lve room while playing.
• No Garena Mega EXP , but something is better than nothing.

Download Garena Link (Updated 15th August)

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Credits to Dota-Utilities

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