Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dota 6.59D Your Own CUSTOM HAcks

This collided doesn't include any pings, rune notifier, level-up, stats change notifier, only skill .

Works in 1.22 or lower PvPGN, Garena

This only works with 1.22 and lower (Doesn't work in 1.23, like most collided maps. They fixed it in latest version)

** You may get out-of-sync sometimes.

This map is modified/collided by The4Got10. (Not by me)

Just backup your original 6.59d somewhere else (Move original map out of Download folder) and then put collided map here.

First, type -ms(space bar) and you will see that it's activated
now type those commands (The best way is to set chat to observer to prevent ppl from seeing it)

Update : 04/04/52 Luna Infinity Ulti Added
Update : 05/04/52 Luna Infinity Ulti Unit hIT ADDED
Update : 05/04/52 Lich Infinity Chain Frost Added
Update : 07/04/52 Obsidian Destroyer 2nd skill int modify fixed.
Update : 07/04/52 Pudge's Flesh Hp Added
Update : 08/04/52 Undying 's Decay
Update : 10/04/52 Re-Cache Some Un-Necessery caused /Disconnected
Update : 16/04/52 Private Edition Relsed Final !!

- Basher 2sec stun delay removed.

Before using any of the you have to type :
: [Select]
-ms[spacebar] to activate the .

Modify Damage (This doesn't modify your BASE DAMAGE but it modifies your skill damage as mentioned below)
: [Select]
-setdm [x]

Example, -setdm 10 = Damage x 10

- Impale (Neru,Sand,Tide,Demon Witch)
- Chaos Meteor (Invoke)
- Sunstrike (Invoke)
- Dth Coil dls less to self (Abandon)
- Aphotic Shield more life (Abandon)
- Power shot (Wind Runner)
- Skill [1] (Necrolyth)

Modify Times
: [Select]
-settm [x]

Example -settm 30 = Attack 30 times

- Omnislash (Yurnero)
- Eclipse totalhit (Moon)
- Eclipse targetlimit (Moon)
- Multicast (Orge Magi)
- Refraction (Templar)
- Chain frost (Lich)
- Decay (Undy)
- Astral Improvision (Obsidian Destroyer)
- Skill[2] (Necrolic) [MultiCount to maximum]

Modify Pudge
: [Select]
-setpd [x]

Example -setpd 2 = Kill 1 creep and you gain STR +2

- FleshHp (Pudge)

Modify Money
: [Select]
-setlv [x]

Example -setlv 5000 = Use skill 1 time and you gain 5000 golds

- Devour Gold (Doom)
- Epicenter (Sand King)
- Epicenter 1 level = +2 pulses (Sand King)
- Lighting Remant(Lighting Panda)
- Penitence(chen)

How to Install
Replace with original map

Modifying Impale type skills will get you disconnected unless you're the host.

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