Thursday, May 26, 2016

DotA Allstars v6.59 6v6 Ver.4

I decided that since it might be quite a while before v6.60 comes out, I will relse another version of 6v6. Especially with a gamemode like -ar not working properly.

Hopefully this will hold us off until the next official DotA relse.

All Random gamemode now worksShuffle Players gamemode now worksRed/Green's circle of power is now fully functionalRed/Green's -dthon/dthoff commands now work
Known Bugs:
Random Draft gamemode doesn't function for red/greenEndgame Scoreboard is too big to fit all 12 players (not fixable)The -switch command has been disabled by me (purposely)
On a little side note, I should mention that the 'fancier' the fture or gamemode, the less likely that I will spend time to fix it. The primary goal is to get the game fully functional with the most used gamemodes.

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