Thursday, May 26, 2016

DotA fact 2, lrn it!

- Elune's Arrow, if timed right, flying over neutrals on spawning time, can prevent neutrals from spawning.

- Heroes like Lycanthrope and Dragon Knight who transform can remain in their transformations even if they cast Mirror (Manta Style) by arranging commands (Hold shift -> move position -> transform -> manta style)

- Sonic Wave x2, you can actually get hit twice by 1 sonic wave. say you have a blink skill such as magina, you can be right beside QOP, get hit by the sonic wave as it comes out and blink in front and get hit again. this works similarly with x marks the spot.

- The unusable/undroppable bottle, get a courier fill a rune. Send the courier to die in enemies' tower/fountain/creeps.
Type on ALL: FUCK!! MY BOTTLE!!!
Let the enemy hero pick the bottle. And watch them cry because they just wasted an inventory slot.

- When Huskar and Necro's ulti are both boosted by sceptre, it is possible to instant kill anyone.

Credit: All facts were collect from DotA-Allstars & PlayDota community.

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