Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena 3.18 fullver

hey ppl this is the rl Garena 3.18 LatestFull Private version + Mega EXP !

This is the Garena 3.18 latest version . No more username or log in required for private version.

- it will say enter user name and , dont enter any thing just click "log in" (FREE)

-works on xp and vista

-no 2 exctra it , safe 100%.

-credits : cqccyh , Garena-er

-the person who this : Garena-er

-theres guy (unknow or what ever his name , he copy his thrd and he post in 1st- , he said he the , but his such lair , his nub and ****).

-NOTE#1: if u want 2 say tnx say tnx 2 Garena-er , his the one who cqycch1 , u can say tnx 2 me for share only.

-NOTE#2: dont ever log in garena while mega exp runing , if u log in garen while mega exp runing u will get 0 exp.-

-NOTE#3: if it dont work with you then use it just for mega exp for exp , if u want the best Garena for map and gaming use : Ultimate Garena v1.3

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