Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena 5.7 relsed

- Mega EXP
- Visual Custom Kick
- Mass Tunnel
- Spam Bot 2.5
- War3tools
- Helper.exe updated to 1.08
- Garena Server Pinger.
More detail see

As you can see, Russian Community's hosting keeps server down.
Then, CjFOR made an announcement for Garena 5.7 named Satisfy the hunger.
Note: this translate is not 100% correct and I shorten it.
(Alrdy confirmed from CjFOR)

For now, Garena 5.7 will sell for $2~3.
Until I, CjFOR gathered $15 to buy a new hosting.
Then only Garena 5.7 will be public free download.

Anyway, here's a preview of Garena 5.7's megaEXP.

1st - Open _helper.exe
2nd - If you see advertisement (click to help rn $$ or close it)

3rd - You will see megaEXP tool now!


Alrdy asking for more detail from CjFOR, will update after he reply.

- UPDATE 2 -
CjFOR: this is a future of 5.7 , i not sure about $, it will be free for all.

- UPDATE 3 -
someone said Garena put hidden checking!
I guess this will slow down relse of garena 5.7?
CjFOR: dont know , coz im now work on 5.7 now . I've some problems , then we all see.

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