Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena Banned Map Users - 4th Banlist, 7000 Users Banned

Garena Bans Map Users

Garena Map now see Universal.

October 20, 2009 - account for violations of our services we use map in Garena. Account is not effective immediately. Safety and Environment is satisfied with the platforms for good gamer. Garena remaining between communities.

You can see a list of users added in a uid. 7000 Account No.

This is a useful little tips you can use to avoid stability.

1 at the end of another guard or borrow from your account). May use the version of the game. If they log in to your account will be prohibited from using different accounting models.

2) LAN or Internet cafe to check the version of Garena. If this is not a rift in your account. You can play at night and the owner to remove government support for version Garena Forum.

) 3 patients avoid travel Garena. It is the nature of the Web and other online attacks to enter. To protect your account.

) 4 map not try.

Official version of the site always remember Garena Download. Http:// The file is not sent to be called the official version of them. This damage and account restrictions. If you are not sure you can delete it and download the client version of the new human web site Garena.

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