Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena (fixed bugs)

Fixed bugs:
1-Exp (FIXED)
2-when you joined game u see all names unknow (FIXED)
3-name spoofer (FIXED)

-Enter any room without 5 seconds limitation popup
-Remove all advertisement on garena
-100 exp/15min (gold member) ~ 50 exp /15min (basic member)
-Show rl ping in s instd of bars
-Unlimited spam in room
-Unlimited group alert
-Show bar
-Show enemy icons ingame
-Dota inventory
-Remove limition of logging max 1 ID
-Trace IP adress of garena
-room Joiner
-Map- fture built in ( 1.23 , 1.22 , 1.21 , 120e)
-Ability to change username
-Unlocks and enables all icons
-Custom Kick in Garena
-Ladder Always
-Host a game under custom name
-Custom Ladder level
-You can open more then one garena(more exp)

Credits to: cqccyh , by Ankurakaet

Fixed bugs by : The BOSS

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