Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena Revision 5 Final

Garena Revision 5 Final
BY: ChaoSlasher69


- Swords of Playing Actived
- Not Detected By Garena
- Better (Tunnel and Antispike)
- Turn off the confirmation E-Mail
- Remove all unnecessary connections
- Gives the ability to start Map
- You can run any
- Removal of Advertising
- Entrance into the room without waiting 5 seconds
- Added the ability to Flood
- Rl Ping
- Support Garena
- Incrse 50Exp/15min (Basic Member) 100Exp/15min (GoldMember)
- You get exp, regardless of game
- Live at the game you still will experience (as much as you rn)
- Admin Tools
- Use At Your Own Risk
- 1.23 & 1.22 Map

- Go into the room, run WC3
- Start game and run the Map
- Go back and play and then press F4 woOot!

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