Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena Revision 6.0 *CAN ENTER LADDER ROOMS*

Garena Revision 6.0 By: ChaoSlasher69 (Can Enter Ladder Rooms)

YM: chaoslasher69 Friendster:

*Note: There's No log Or Virus On My OK? Don't Use It If You Don't Want...My Is Free..
*I Have My Private Version..Ftures: Mega EXP 500-1000 EXP Per 15 mins (BASIC).. 1000-200 (GOLD) & Icon Swt! XD


- No Advertisements
- No "Swords Of Playing"
- Can Use Map
- Can Use Any
- Can Enter Ladder Rooms
- Can Enter In Any Rooms
- No 5 Secs. Waiting
- Not Detected By Garena
- Exp (Sometimes Bug Exp Not Working)
- 8 Working Servers
- (With 1.20,1.21,1.22,1.23 Map)

Remove: (Why I Remove? I Hate It =O & Due To Bad Comments About My GRRR!!)

- Rl Ping
- Ability To Infinite Group Alert
- Ability To Flood In Room
- Admin Tools

ManualSstartup Map : (Tyrano)

- Go into the room, run WC3
- Start game and run the Map
- Go back and play and then press F4 and MH works!


1) Help I Can't Connect! - Change The Server
2) Can't Connect Again Huhuhu - Change The UDP Port Example 1514,1515 And so on..
3) Can't Enter The Room - Some Of The Rooms Is Encrypted
4) When Is The Relse Of Your New ? - Check My Youtube For The Update Or In My YM
5) I Found A Virus/logger - It's A LOL It's Normal *NOTE* My Don't Have logger! OK?


1) Skin by Rhy23
2) 8 Servers by Pudge666
3) My Beta Testers LOL!

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