Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena Skin Pack (Updated)

Originally posted on Garena - Connecting world gamers | E platform| Dota platform| Cod4 platform| CS | CSS | AOE | Garena Fire by "CleX...!":

" This is a pack of 10 Garena skins that can be changed sily using the Garena client. The skins are:

Skin ICE 1.0 -made by TheRper
Futurist 1.0 - made by iREVELATiON
Garena Blue - made by WyK
Simple Theme - made by iREVELATiON
Garena Zyk-Tech - made by WyK
A7XSkin v1.0 - made by [MoD]_MyStErY
Garena Fufu Ninja Skin - made by Skiverz
Three Stars and a Sun - made by xeon
And of course the Default Red Garena Skin is
included "


Ultimate Garena's Skin - by Ankur Mathur

I've just updated the files with game icon's (new g-games didn't have one) plus added UGS skin.

How to install:
1) Download the ZIP archive
2) Extract it
3) Copy all the files from "GarenaSkinsUpdated/" folder to original/ garena's folder
4) Start Garena, log in, go to settings->skin
5) Choose skin and restart Garena

From ~1st-~ forum

Don't forget to press the THANK xD

Download Link:


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