Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena-Tool *Edit Your Garena*

Garena Helper is a program designed to help you manage Garena more sily. It can be used to modify garena settings from outside the garena client, it can be used to manage user banlists and personal settings.

The Garena WatchDog module is a program that runs exactely like the Garena Anti- system, only faster, this way you will never get a system ban for from now on.

The Garena WatchDog module will make sure you'll never get a "Banned by the System" for . It can detect the same programs that the Garena Anti- system can and it will block them before Garena can detect them. This way you won't get an unwanted ban.

Main Ftures Of This Program :

Allows you to manage, view, edit and export the banlist of a user
Garena WatchDog module protects you from getting a system ban because of
Allows you to select the way Garena client starts
You can modify user custom settings
You can view a users stored hash
You can view a users friends list
You can change Garena settings


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