Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Garena Tutorials]

Whasup' guys! This is MrIncredible and I'm going to tch you how to your friend's . This isn't rl , as we need the whole Garena Username and Database to rlly , and we don't have that.

This tutorial requires:

The Internet
A Friend (preferably one who doesn't know much about computers)
A brain that's good with socializing
An Email / Anonymous Emailer

Before we begin, I'm going to write this disclaimer:

I will not be held responsible for anything you do with this guide and the information and resources given by this guide. I don't care whether your house gets bombed by a time machine travller or something.

Okay, let's start.


First, let's get your victim. Let's use a tactics which I call Socializing.

1. Make sure he uses an email messanger, for example MSN Messanger, and you're talking to him.

2a. Now, send him an email, using an account such as, or if you can get one.

2b. You can also use an Anonymous Emailer, which you can find online to get to email him.

3. Inside the email, make the topic Garena One Million EXP Claim, and write this:

Quote: Dr Garena user,

You have been selected along with 1,000 other Garena Users to receive One Million Garena Client EXP, a one month premium member, or to participate in the ster Special Lucky Draw. To claim your award, plse visit the following website:

Thank you for your co-operation
Garena Staff But, don't send yet! We're not rlly going to take them to that website, as it doesn't exist! We are going to use Hyperlink!

Most emails have them. Highlight the Garena Event Website and click on the Hyperlink button.

Inside the box, enter this website:
: Now, after they enter their Username and , you can see it by viewing this website:

: UN = The username they entered
PW = The
Choice/Submit = Not important

Since anyone can view this, I will delete the information at that .TXT every week.


+Rep if I helped you, and remeber, I'm not responsible for anything you do!

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