Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena v3.3 | Warcraft 1.24b Map | Custom Kick

The New Garena 3.3 is relsed by Garena-er, this version has built in Custom Kick, Diabolic Warcraft 3 Toolkit and Warcraft 1.24b map. You can use this Garena with any Garena update. There are no MEGA Exp in this Garena , even the original one doesn't have it. Rd the guide and download the Garena v3.3 with Warcraft 1.24b map.
Download Garena3.3R_CK_124b.exe

Step by Step Guide (for noobs):

• Download Garena_4.04_v3.exe from the link above.

• Install it in your Garena Folder.

• After installing run "Garena" from Desktop. (see icon imge on right)

• A pop-up will appr, just click "YES"

• Now click, "Start Garena v3.3"

• Garena window will pop-up.

• Now click "Start Garena Client - Map 1.24b - Custom Kick"

• A pop-up window will appr, click start..

• Another pop-up will appr, but this time you know what to do ^^.

• Run Garena by following the steps above, stricly
• Garena.exe and Garena.exe must not be in same directory (it must be in a sub-directory), if you see this, delete the folder, and reinstall Garena & Garena.
• There is no MegaEXP in this .
• There is no virus in this , if your antivirus say anything, just disable it.
• If any Garena update comes, * Update it normally but after the update, when the Garena client is started automatically again, close it, and the click "Start Garena" again from the Garena. If you don't do this probably nothing will happen. But it's best if you do this.

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