Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena with Garena v3.22 Private Latest + Mega EXP v2

This is the Garena v3.22 the latest from cqccyh. It has the same ftures as the previous version, 3.18, and in plus it has two modes of Mega Exp .

Now working on Xp and Vista.

How to run:
Download, extract and run using the Loader, the little program called: "_Start Garena with Garena 3.22.exe". You can place a shortcut of this program on your desktop to start Garena. What does the loader do:
it makes sure that you have the right Garena version (so there won't be problems not seeing games or mh not working)and most important it makes sure that the garena doesn't autoupdate

Mega EXP 2 modes:

This has been resized. Click this bar to view the full . The original is sized 677x350.

cqccyh issued for me a private account as he promised, I've asked a friend to test it:D

Enjoy Garena !

Why some anti-viruses see it as a potential thrt?

I've done some testing and resrch on why some anti-viruses don't like this . And i've rced the conclusion that some antiviruses see this as a thrt because it's packed, packed and crypted with in the case of Garena.exe. As you can see for yourself, the antiviruses detect it as Suspicious, Dna Scan or Packed. They do so because it is packed. I've used several packing methods and for different packing methods i saw different results using :D.
There is no rl virus or trojan. All anti-viruses detect it only as suspicious because they don't know waht it does, but don't detect a rl virus because it doesn't have.

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