Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena.exe bypass the ganera 12-17-2008 and use map without detect!!

It's the latest Garena . I don't know when it was last updated because I didn't on for awhile, so I lve it 13th.

How to use it ?
To use it, extract to your Garena folder. (eg. C:\Program Files\Garena) Then replace the original Garena.exe.

What it does ?
-Remove protection
-Remove 5 secs delay in joining room

1) ERROR: sqlite.dll is missing ?! Why?
- Because you did not extract it to the Garena folder.

2) ERROR: Some library are missing. How?
- Reinstall fresh copy of Garena. Then replace again.

3) Why is my still get detected and I get banned for that ?
- Because you are using the original sf's mh. It doesn't work and you will get yourself banned.

For WC3 version 1.21, use the modified sf's mh for by Rejinderi.
Quote: For WC3 version 1.22, use D3scene mh by TyranO. Note: You might need to register in that site in order to download it.
Quote: 4) Why do I get fatal error after I run the map ?
- Because you are using the WRONG version of map for WRONG version of warcraft III.

Download below.

Garena by aRbiteL


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