Thursday, May 26, 2016

[GUIDE] Custom kick one person at one time.

TCPView (google it)

When a player joins your game, he will be connected via a port. Thus, even in lan, it will appr as localhost:[PORT].
The first person to join your game will have the smallest port while the last one will have the biggest. Something i found out.

Thus, when hosting a game, record the names of those who join your game in order. If they lve, remove the name from the list. You should have 9 when the game starts, if not you made an error.

Then, to kick, open TCPView. Go to war3.exe, you would want to click on the remote address to order the IPs. There you would see localhost:5?????

Then simply check the name of the person against the list, if it is the fifth, then the port will simply be the 5th smallest.

Remember to remove the name later so that you can keep the next person.
To kick multiple people at the same time, hold ctrl and click. Then right click and close connection together.

Until someone makes a way to record who joined and lve, i think you have to use the notepad.

For garena.

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