Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hot Garena Tools (The best of Garena)

Hot Garena Tools
by Stew UnknowN

Current version: 2.0

** Instructions **

1º: Open executable
2º: Configure Name Spoofer (Optional)
2º: Click in "Execute Garena"

** PS **

~ For the work, you need to execute the Garena by the button "Execute Garena"
~ Any error or bug can be reported on forum.
~ Plse send for your friends


~ If you use Vista, will need give administrator permissions to program. If a message apprs asking permission to you when the program is open, accept.

~ If an error occurs when open executable, try close your anirus.

Quote: ** 2.0 **
~ Name Spoofer added (Works only in warcraft)
~ Enable/Disable function removed
~ Credits added
~ Account identifier changed from ID to Nick
~ Some changed
~ "Always playing" added
~ Room advertisements removed
~ "Minimize to Tray" function added
~ Some bugs corrected
More info in Changelog and Rdme (at downloaded file)

Hot Garena Tools 2.0

Informa็๕es: "RdMe.BR.txt" e "ChangeLog.BR.txt" (No arquivo para download)
Info: "RdMe.EN.txt" and "ChangeLog.EN.txt" (At downloaded file)


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