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How To Get Colored Name In Garena

O.k. So let's get Started!

So when your playing a game in Garena you saw some people has colored names right?

And Their name looks pretty good with the colors ..

people will probably thinks their , well their not their just using color ..

and you can get them too , its sy !

Also if you know how to get it but if you want to get other colors , the should be in here too . anyway if its not in here you can request it with your post

Rd This Before Using It ! :

Rd This Before You Wanted To Get Color Names

1 : You might get ban for using color names [ its best to buy gold member to get it ]

2 : i am not responsible for anything [ its not my fault if you got ban and etc ]

3 : Use It At Your Own Risk

4 : Don't Forget to press thanks if i helped you

O.k. Now Here Is How You Get COLORS NAMES !!!!!

First You Need To Pick A Color \ Color

Red \ ff0000

blue \ 0000ff

yellow \ ffff00

black \ 000000

Brown \ 996600

Purple \ 9933ff

tl \ 66ffff

green \ 00ff00

dark green \ 003300

light tl \ ccffff

light yellow \ ffffcc

Dark Brown \ 333300

Dark Red \ 330000

dark blue 000066

and more [ if you need other colors you can request it with your post ]

so after you pick your color
[and again if you don't like any of the colors you can request it with your post]

So After you pick your color \ color names

Go to Garena 's [ main website ] and register for a new Garena accout

This Is How It Should Look :

and then you should click the Register as Garena Member

And Then The Next Step :

You Should Put An Email That You Could Log Into so you could get 500 exp

and for username :

If you selected a colored name

for example : Color Red

ff0000 get the color first and then

put this lc00 in front of the color

Example lc00ff0000 like that

and you have to put something in the front of the lc00 too

like an Dot [ . ] A letter or anything

Example : Mlc00ff0000[name]

Example : if i wanted my name to be mike with red color it should looks like this


the M Won't be showing as red because its the in front of the so maybe you should put it like this

.lc00ff0000Mike like that

So Mike [ the name ] Will Be the Red but the . [dot] will be normal color

So There you have it ! Your Color Name !

Color Name FAQ :

Why was my name 's color same as other people 's ?? and i did every thing you said .

Its like that , you are not able to view your own color so your color would stay the same but when other players look at your name it would be different

I want some other Colors how do i do that [that isn't in this thrd] ?? :

you can request it within your post

How Come I can only put for 4~6 letter for my name ?

Because the max user name space is 15 and the its alrdy 10+ so its normal if you have a little space left for your name

Would I get Ban in Garena for doing this :

Maybe , Well I don't know but i am not responsible for anything

Thanks For The Answer Xx_VolcoM_xX

Quote: Originally Posted by Xx_VoLcoM_xX Very Nice!... And dont worry!, Garena dont ban for use color !...
Im lvl 51 Whit a Red Color Account! and i dont whet banned!:. :D

Now Enjoy Your Color NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have question \ request \ comment post within your post

If I Helped You [ Don't Forget To Press Thanks ]


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