Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to stop drop

How to stop drop I have found a method that is working for me right now that stops the drop s. This only works with the share controll drop that i know of. It may not always work but im 3-0 with this method right now and I want to help people avoid it without needing the anti drop. First thing your going to need is your router, this wont work for wireless people sorry When the other person shares controll with you first pull your internet cord out of the router and wait about 10 seconds and put it back in. Then hit Ctrl Alt Delete to bring up your task manager. I then pull my internet cord again for about 10 seconds and ctrl alt delete again. Then i click on wc3 give it a second to load and if your still frozen just rept this process. Just try and type somthing to check and see if the lag is gone, you might have some delay but you wont lag out, and other person should lve and you will win. Im not 100% sure is this is a solution but its working for me and i just wanted to help some people out!!! Plse respond to this if it works for you.


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