Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kireen Garena v3.0! newly Improved

Garena Made By Kireen

if u want to know more about me and complain or comment just visit my friendster account i dont ahve time to make own website just comment me there its alrdy in the ads use your mouse highlighting to move the ads browser i know its ahrd but you can just go to this url

theres no virus in it even if u scan ,its cln xD

----xX newly improved avatar!!! new style ,,the girl avatar is a girl lol it is jsut look alike as a boy but its not a boy its a girl Xx
----xX newly .exe icons!! the K initial stands for Kireen Xx
----xX sHow rl PIngs some improved thing with the profiles Xx
----xX 50 Exp For basic 100 For gold member Xx
----xX admin function Some are working like the show rl ip's Xx
----xX 8 working servers , if it has problems jsut tell me or email me Xx
----xX Can multiple client open in one account Xx
for more exp trick

-when u login to your garena change your udp port starting from 1513 change it to 1514 and incrse more--
-and login in one account as you change your port setiings

----xX 10 style of skins to pick on just go settings and go to skin tabs Xx
----xX use any you can also can join ladder rooms not like the version 2 its Xx
----xX its up for you to comment on it Xx

dont ask me for msn i dont have it i only have another yahoo but cant tell it just email me to know it because i might get banned


about the map theres instruction in a folder namely warcraft map 1.23,1.21,1.20,1.22

jsut rd the instruction.txt

enjoy and feeling the new skin ,,i know you are bored with your old skins....

i give credits to the maker of the skins i forgot its alrdy in the garena skins the maker

well as i said enjoy xD

hard!! hard more!!

i KNow many of you are waiting for this now im relsing it!!

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