Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mega exp 3.22

hey, good evening. I just want to clarify somethings about the megaexp v3.22 by garena-er.

*(note: All answers were provided my the_boss and this is a convenience for those who are lazy to rd thrds and keep posting useless ones.)

First of all, there have been thrds posted that the contains a "logger" and i just wanted to make sure if there rlly is a logger installed in it.

As the boss said now, there is no logger inside the inject. And if there is, your antivirus would detect as a trojan virus.

Second, if you have a new account and low level, megaexp doesn't work anymore. I have tried it in accounts leveled 1.2.3 and it does not work. But when i used my level 9 account it worked. (all accounts are basic member)

You should check your exp on the Garena Shop - Connecting world gamers |Garena Magic Shop|GG Shop|GG Magic Shop| Dota Ladder Item | Garena Gold Member| GGC Virtual Item not on the forums nor the client ones because you will not see it update their. Just login your account there and click on view my account detail. And if you want to check if it gained after 15 min, logout and do the same thing over again.

Third, why does it give us 700exp/15minutes (gold member) and 350exp/15minutes (basic member) if in the , it shows that all 8 thrds are connected to the server?

Answer: (not from the boss)
The can give us 700exp/15min or more(gold member) even though we see that all thrds are connected because the 8th server is a bit laggy. Sometimes it doesn't give but sometimes it gives.

Fourth, about the exp bar problem. I have a friend who uses this megaexp and he is a basic member but in his client, it shows that he is level 31 but in the room, where others can see his profile, he is alrdy 32. Why is that?

Sometimes we see our accounts or other accounts level is different from what we see and what others see. And this is because of the . It's a bug from the garena server because if we use the megaexp, it gives us 700 while the normal garena gives us only 10exp/15min ( gold member)

Lastly, have you experienced the megaexp giving no exp?

Check if you have good connection and your pc. Exit all unnecessary programs which will slow your computer down. Also, use mode 2 if you're not getting any exp in the other mode. If there still is a problem, let is pass for a while for there is a problem in garena servers.

Hope that your questions have been answered.


yours truly,
asdfghasd - 1st member.

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