Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mega Exp 800 exp/15mins(gm)- Work or don't Work ! Pls Test

Garena Mega Experience - Garena Mega Exp Guide and Download. Nowadays most of the players in Garena are getting high levels in just few time without playing any games. Players are getting 1-5 level(s) in 1 day and other players who have low levels are curious want to know their secret. The secret is Garena Mega Exp which gives you 400 Experience points/ 15 Minutes if you are basic member. It gives 800 Exp per 15 minutes if you are gold member. This Garena Mega Exp is grt if you wanna incrse the s of your levels smile - There are many ftures in this Experience depends on user. Also we have updated this Garena. Plse continue rding to have a guide of using Garena Mega Exp .

How to Use Garena Mega Exp :-

1. Download Garena Exp with MegaEXP

2. Extract Garena-Latest&Updated.rar using WinRaR.

3. Go to the folder where you have extracted the files, Open "_Start Garena with Garena.exe"-

4. Click start Garena with MegaEXP Free

4. After few seconds Garena and Garena window will popup

5. Just close Garena window, and click "Start MegaExp - 12 Servers Connect" on Garena window.

6. Again a Dialog window will popup. Just type your username/ and UID and Click Start EXP .

7. Two command prompt will appr.. just lve it for few time.. and then login your account on Garena then see your experience boost.

Points to be noted:

- MegaExp - connecting to 12 Garena servers for maximum EXP. These are all the garena servers, these servers are in the latest original garena private version. If you get low exp or nothing all all then that's it smile I cannot do more... for now.

- Opening Multiple Garena MegaEXP with the same account WON'T get you more EXP.

- if you see a box when you start the program then try starting it again using: "_Start Garena with Garena.exe"

- This will not work on Vista.

- if MegaEXP don't work on a certain account then there's nothing we can do.

- Basic Members will start getting Experience after 30-45 Minutes whers Gold Members will starting gaining Exp in 15-20 minutes.. Use this program at your own risk.

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