Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pudge666 [Garena ]

Pudge666 [Garena ]

I managed to make my own , that will be my first own relse.
Lets see if you guys like it.

Credits: for some offsets ( Stew ) and me.

Its a brand new 19 jan client ( last Garena update )

Functions :

1- You can lve the room with the warcraft open (this may crte the game in any empty room, ask your friends basic members enter and then lve the warcraft open and enter into a room full, and the game will be moved to another room without your friends fall ).

2- Swords of "Playing" actived forever! (probably rn some extra exp).

3- Ping and level on warcraft changed from: to: (P:50/L:15).

4- Advertisements of rooms / home / PM removed.

5- Chat expanded.

6- Experience (50exp every 15min to basic member or 100exp every 15min to gold members).

7- Without 5s message.

8- Enter room without Message box and advertisement.

9- Show rl ping instd of bars ( in room, in game, someone joined ur game).

10- Enable message spam in chat channel.

11- Unlimit Group Alert even you are just a normal member.

12- Can invite anyone tn clan with a member priviledge.

13- Can invite anyone to clan even he has a clan (Multi clan).

14- protection removed.

15- You can open two or more GG client on One pc for fast gain exp.

by Pudge666

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