Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pudge666 V2.0 Best Garena

Version 2 of Pudge666 Garena , now for rl !

Took me a lot of time and work to make the , Hope you guys enjoy the relse.


What are the news on this ?

-- > Custom Online Counter that shows how many players are conected throught my .

--> A Edited Garena Skin based on the coolest hero of Dota PudGe , of course !

Intro logo:

Top Left Garena Skin :

The waiting for enter in room logo ( It shows up only for a second because of the disable 5 seconds ) :

Now red Exp Bar and '' 666 gold member style '' :

--> 1sT- link inside the ! You will be automatically redirected to Garena Section.
So you will get in touch with all other members , share ids , and be up to date with the best , for Garena. :

--->Admins functions are enabled one more time. Of course the only function that works is the '' Admins functions /// Trace Loion '' that retrieves the player original IP instd of the virtual one.
But whats new here ? i removed that ugly website that opened when cliked on that function , and i changed the function to retrieve the player ip on chat as system message.

Screenshot explains better :

---> And for last i Messed a little bit with wc3Ladder.dll to the gold member function that retrieves ladder status

---> Also in ladder section i allowed the full window when you click yourself now you can see your own ladder :

Now i will explain what you guys must DO to make Work Perfectly :

-1- Download it
-2- Extract it anywhere
-3- Put Garena.exe in Garena Folder and say YES for REPLACE
-4- Put GEngine.dll in Garena\plugins\UI and say YES for REPLACE
-5- Put Wc3ladder.dll in plugins\Game and say YES for REPLACE
-6- Put Skins.ggz in Garena\Skin and say YES for REPLACE

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