Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pudge666 Version 3.0

Ok i am back now.

I had several problemans with my web service. and a virus blocked totally my outgoing packets of web.

So i delayed in 5 days to fix it. but at lst i own !

Now lets get back to what is important :

This new Pudge666 is nothing like a uber relse or something.

Its a sy way to fix all the recent updates.

News :

New counter and Working counter. ( Hosted at 1st )
No more tic Sound.
All updates bypassed march 24.
Chew method add
All Icons back with Face Folder.
Wc3ladder.dll is fixed

Of course i will relse a new version that does not require any method to work.
but for that i will need several days , but i dont have it since my tests at college are about to begin so i will concentrate on tests.


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