Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Relse] Garena CrushDie

Garena CrushDie v. 300a

* Anti- Engine disabled: use and in Warcraft (BlackShot not tested yet)
* Auto-Updater disabled: the will work for a very long time because the updates will be ignored
* “Room full. Plse wait or buy Goldmember” removed: There won’t come any message, that you shall buy Goldmember
* “You can retry joining the room in 5 seconds” removed: Just try as much as you want – without waiting 5 seconds
* “You can’t lve the room during playing” removed: Lve the room when you want
* Multi-Instance: Start Garena as often as you want – use different ports to connect 6 times to Garena and get mass Exp

Not included because I didn’t want to let you wait (note these ftures will be included in a new update):

* Startscreen: Normally all my set the Startscreen of Garena to my blog, so you see all updates and news but this ftures is not included in 3.0a
* Spamming in Room: Also not included is the ftures to send unlimited messages in room

I hope you like that new !

BluSmash for hosting crushdie blog
ZincPlay for hosting crushdie in the future

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