Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Relse] Warcraft III v1.24 Map


I recently relsed a namespoofer, and since then I've been working on a map. So far it's going ok, but I'm kinda stuck on the more complied ftures found in a lot of . Either way, it's completely usable in custom games (I wouldn't advise using this anywhere where a ban is possible). I've decided to relse it in its current state, and if I ever add more ftures, I'll relse future versions too.

Once again, I've packed the executable, so if it is detected as a virus, it's a false positive. See the discussion of my namespoofer for details:


- No fog (main map) - Working
- No fog (minimap) - Not yet implemented
- Show units (main map) - Working
- Show units (minimap) - Working
- Show invisible - Working
- Camera - Working
- Enable gold trade - Working
- Show enemy pings - Working

XP users:

It should technically now work on XP as well, (it did on my test machine anyways). If it works for you, I'd appreciate a reply to let me know.



- This does not (and never will) support Garena
- This is most probably detected

I don't play on official Blizzard servers or Garena, so I have no way of working around any anti- that they provide. I never will either.


I've added error logging . If you have problems, plse post the contents of log.txt here

Anyways, enjoy the working map


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