Thursday, May 26, 2016

The are starting to degrade!

First of all, I'm a garena player/ user that have been using a lot of for the past months and I've always been so happy about what I'm getting before like 600exp/15minutes. Map are also available and etc.

But since garena started to "IMPROVE" their system, WE s are simply having problems with our "" garenas.

1.) EXP now are sometimes not working. For the past 2 days, I have noticed that exp gain for Gold members with multi client garena ( 6 clients open ) is way way smaller than what we have expected. I myself is getting around 100-200exp/15min (Gold member).

2.) Map now are starting to get sily detected by garena system. I've tried to use this map on a garena but after the update, the system banned me for using a map.

3.) Ladder Rooms are not available anymore to people using garenas. But now since we have people in this forums who solved this problem, I would like to say thanks for fixing that problem.

4.) Runtime Errors are sometimes happening after a garena update. When we login 6 clients all at the same time, there would be a error that would pop-up in front of you and suddenly close the garena affected.

5.) Before the updates have been relsed, when we use multi-client, we notice that our exp bars are equal and shows the amount of exp left to gain 1 level. But now, out of 6 servers (any ), there would be around 1-3 garenas showing the amount left. This would mn that if your exp bar dooesn't show how much exp left, then that garena server is not working.

6.) Now people are more aware of kinds of players who are using because they now know that when a certain account goes into a room, the icon is normally a speech bubble but when it's a sword, they know that you're using a garena. So by this, we sily get reported in forums and get banned. Also, there is also a saying in Filipino " Ang magrereport sayo at sisiraan ka ay kapwa " which mns "A will report a fellow ". So we need to be careful.

So I would like to say thanks again for those people who garena before like pudge666, whom I used his most of the time. And also I hope that we dont stop garena so that people will be happy all the time.

One analogy:
Good Samaritan = Garena ; People being helped = Garena users.

Thanks for Everything! Good Night!

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