Thursday, May 26, 2016

9 TH April Bypass

Bypass 9 Th April Updates:

Download gine.dll

RapidShare: sy Filehosting

for mh use.

And for Bypassing the new update.

RapidShare: sy Filehosting

Note: You must put it Before Making the Update when you do it. there will be no more update. for 9 th april.

If you alrdy did the update just put back Pudge666 V5.0 original and do this method.

For more clrly step on what pudge666 try to said.

1. Download Pudge666v5.rar at Pudge666 V 5.0 [ Relse ]
2. Extract to a folder.
3. Download RapidShare: sy Filehosting (uploaded by pudge666)
4. Extract to the same folder in step 3.
5. Start the garena.exe (yahoo... there is no update required.)

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