Thursday, May 26, 2016

Methods - Exp /SF MH.,

Hi again, it's been a long time since i post a thrd.

Everyone saying that 300exp/15 min and also SF MH are not working. I just don't know what I did to my friend and my Garena client. They just worked.

So, I just explain what I did to the Garena client. Hope I dint miss the steps.

1. Download the latest Garena installer and install it.

2. Download Pudge666 v.2.0/v.5.0 and chew85's files. Extract those files in different folders.

3. From the original Garena you just installed, delete the lib and plugins folders. Replace it with chew85's files.

4. Overwrite Garena.exe from Pudge666 v.2.0 into the original Garena you installed.

5. Overwrite server.xml from Pudge666 v.5.0 into the original Garena you installed.

6. Overwrite the Gameen.dat from Pudge666 v.5.0 into the original Garena you installed.

7. If you like the new faces or avatars, replace Avatar/face folders from Pudge666 v.5.0 into the original Garena you installed.

8. If you want to change the skin, delete the Skin.ggz in the Skin folder. Replace the skin you like (for example 1st-Skin.ggz in Pudge666 v.5.0 -> Skin -> Skins folder) in the skin.ggz you just delete and rename it back to Skin.ggz.

Those are the step I did.

Then open 6 Garena as shown in the screen shots. I'm Vista user.

With the port changed, you wont get any lags or hangs when you login. (At lst for me)

Click "Login" as fast as you can.

Then join ONLY War3 RPG rooms where it give 50exp/15min per Garena client. For example, I go to Taiwan, China, International, Brazil, Europe, and Malaysia rooms. It's better to join other country rooms that still under War3 RPG so that you wont be sily detected and reported to the Garena forum. You should have gain 300 exp/15min for basic member if you open 6 Garena clients.

DON'T check your exp gain from the exp bar. Check it from the Garena forum. My exp in Garena forum only updates every 30 minutes. Plse don't stay in front of your PC keep pressing F5 or Ctrl+R. Just do your stuff and come back after 30 minutes.

Below is the prove that the exp gain in 1 hour. 1200exp/hour = 300exp/15min.

Now, about the SF MH, I hope you guys can try it out cause my ESET 4 won't allow me to use it. Will show some screen shots soon.

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