Thursday, May 26, 2016

C-ENGINE 1.0 (for 1.23)

How to start the map:

* Load cEngine
* Start WC3
* Press INJECT


*Revl invisibles
*Show enemy ping signals
*Colouring enemy & fogged -bars
*Show ressources
*Show skills
*Revl illusions
*Revl enemy building queues/timers
*Neutral & Enemy unit hot
*Auto-mining & worker queue
*Coloured creepnames revl itemdrops
*DotA -ah bypass
*Use different ets (-roc NEW and -tft NEW)
*Select windowtitle (-title NEWTITLE)
*Multiple start of Warcraft III

-Updated for Warcraft III version 1.23

cEngine is safe and unharmful to your computer.

Any computer protection software you may have, might consider cEngine to be something harmful to your PC. There is no need to be alarmed! The cause of cEngine being detected as "harmful" points towards the heuristics scan that a lot of Anti-Malware software performs, which assumes cEngine could be a trojan. The rson for this is because, in order for the map to work, cEngine needs to modify your war3.exe files so you can view your opponents units/buildings, etc.

Usually, when executable files modify other files, it is *usually* bad and used to engage in infecting your computer with malware, adware, spyware, viruses, etc. this is why your AV warns you that cEngine *MAY* be harmful.

Clrly, this is not the case. If you insist on not using cEngine, this is *your* choice.

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