Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ladder Tyrano MapCraft 09 23 Relsed

MapCraft '09 is a Warcraft III map brought to you by Crytical and Tyrano, and appoved by Xexiu.

It is completely undetectable and has a two yr history of success. It is, however; a private, yet updated and well maintained, product. It's also the map that has inspired almost every relse in the last yr from other authors.

It's a friend based, down to rth, 'always get updates, always be ladder safe guranteed' map. If you are interested in downloading it, private message me on this forum as Crytical or contact me at I can't have a download link on this size of public forum, obviously.

Your safety comes first, and we also like to give Blizzard the finger. This works in the most places with absolutely no bugs! It's the last map you'll ever need...

ps - > If you don't know who I am, i've been game for yrs, am all over google, and most of the top contributors on this actual forum have taken my classes before. Nice to meet you =p I am a friend to all.
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Contact Crytical for this.

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