Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cqccyh Private for Free!

Hello, here's my work
What is it about
With Garena playing on Garena is much Like having a Gold Membership with no 5 seconds wait and 10 times Experience and many other ftures .....

just download the and enjoy Free Gold Membership by cqccy01

1- Enable all the icons
2-Enter room without Message box and advertisement
3- Show rl ping instd of bars ( in room, in game, someone joined ur game)
4-Enable message spam in chat channel
5-incrse EXP 10 times, just left the garena open, you will be level up
6-Unlimit Group Alert even you are just a normal member
7-can invite anyone tn clan with a member priviledge
8-caninvite anyone to clan even he has a clan (Multi clan)
9-Build in 1.22 and 1.21 Map fture special thx to these ppl Darimus,Sd333221,gaypimp for their offsets
- Undetected in ladder/garena,
- Revl units
- Revl units on minimap
- Remove fog
- Remove fog on minimap
- Clickable units
- See ressources
- See invisible
- Bypass -ah fture in DotA (Darimus)
- Show illusions (Darimus)
- Clickable invisible units (Sd333221)
- See cooldowns
- See skills
- Enable trade ressources in DotA (Sd333221)
- UI mode (gaypimp)
- Show hero path (gaypimp)
10-Show bar, tie fture(for dota ladder room)
11-You can open two or more GG client on One pc for fast gain exp
12-You can use some administrator functions like tract people's ip address
13-You can logon the same ID by Two or more GG client which mns you will gain 2 or more times extra EXP!(but not in same room)
14- all the illegle program are actived,eg: sf1.21b5,sfdropkicker
15-auto update system to ensure your garena is always fit the lastest garena
16- you can lve room while playing
17 - you can view gamer's ladder record while you host or join a host
18 - you can change war3 name as what ever you want
19- can see gamer record in game& in room member list in both high level room & normal room
20 Can check win &lose rate multipier
21 Can get ladder record in high level room

Note : This Version is - mns the private version is also free.
Source: I will get the name who it later cause the forum is off.
You have to put those files in a cln fresh copy of installed Garena.

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