Thursday, May 26, 2016

LaDDer Show All Versions.

I know lots of people are complaning about that they cant see ladder stats.

I will explain it.

If you used Chew's85 method and replaced ''LIB'' and '''PLUGINS'' folders from the original garena with Chew's85 you just replaced the Wc3ladder.dll from the original garena and from pudge666 V5.0.

My Wc3Ladder.dll from PudGe666 V5.0 gives to basic members the opportunity to see all ladder stats from everyone that enters in a crted game just like a gold member can.

So basically what you do:

Method 1 ( sy Way )

1-Download Pudge666 V5.0
2- Download 9th April bypass update. ( put it and replace it in pudge666 V5.0 folder )
3- ....... thats all!

Method 2 ( Complied method )

1-Install fresh copy of garena
2-update it
3-delete ''lib'' and ''plugins''
4-extract chews85 files (123.rar) it contains the ''lib' and ''plugins'' folders.
5- Get pudge666 V5.0 ( garena.exe / server.xml / face folder / avatar folder / Gameen.dat / Skin.ggz / Wc3Ladder.dll ) and extract it all to the original folder and the right places.

Thats it. ladder should be working again in both methods.

I suggest everybody do method 1 , because method 2 can crte lots of doubts.

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