Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crisgon DotA Toolkit - Advanced Toolkit for Warcraft 3 DotA

DotA Crisgon Toolbox - Toolkit for Advanced Warcraft 3 Dota

Crisgon DotA Tools
Below is developed an impressive set of tools, DotA Crisgon. Basically it is a standard toolkit Warcraft 3, but some are especially designed for advanced addons DotA. This program is almost all public services should be a player during the game DotA. These ftures include how amazing Custom SPF breeder meep Bot Bot Summoner and others.

Now players must not open a of programs for different activities, because this program has it all!

DotA Crisgon Toolkit ftures:

Tools Warcraft 3% u2022 Crigson list of board shortcuts
You can define board shortcuts for all the stocks Warcraft 3 .

Bind mouse wheel% u2022:
You can set a board and mouse wheel.

% U2022 autocast skills and Selfcast.
This allows you to specify the desired shortcut skills and then use the option "Auto-cast and Selfcast.

% U2022 Custom Warcraft 3 sort ()
Functions to crte and can Custom.txt Spell (skill) and other mns of transport. For example: Q, W, E, R, etc.

DotA Crigson ToolkitNote: the to the game Warcraft 3 sts to make it work.

% U2022 Summoner Super (Summoner Bot)
This may allow you to bind hot to Summoner Skills (do Summoner spells by pressing a button to do)

Meep% u2022 Super (meep-bot)

Hmph first start:
Bind the to all clones meep Ottoman, Turkish geomancer their origin.

Another rthbind Bot
This function automatically selects the next post-merger rthbind meep, you activate the link.

% U2022 short message:
Only the spammers .Games for children, allows you to send a message of this manual to enter the .

Tip: You can use the , for example,
All: "Your text here" - is the entire message.
Our "Your text here" - he sends his allies.

Fast% u2022
At the beginning of the other selected program or copy and paste the path and click on the market.

% U2022 Hlth Bar / Custom
You can use the hlth bars and Custom change or turn off during the game, you use the board shortcut.

% U2022 resolution changes:
You may want to change the resolution Warcraft 3 This is the users of public display, resolution should not appr in the , in accordance with the regulations.

% U2022 improve FPS:
This will improve the Warcraft 3 frames per second, so you can play without problems.

Warcraft 3% u2022 Field:
Play Warcraft 3 in windowed mode, no problems with the cursor.

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