Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena HOT Ftures!

Good morning. Today I have decided to participate in this forum, and it was time.

Since I'm new here, I will start a program for a month, including:

) Custom KICK (kicking or him)
2) delay (delay of some players and have no effect on the others)
3) you can turn off or silence
Tm 4) can rd an opponent
5) show, a poem: It is a text that describes Rune down a little, and the table is 6) is characterized minimap color depond other country
7) Map Detector
8) gives the browser a resource
9) you can see, hr Kunkka has the shooter SB Shop, etc. During the game
10) Mana bar
11) Click Safe - protecting jerky fog detection (including rept)
12) See the gray bar hidden units

Note: I sold the program and came to 150 people.
Downloads: top.

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