Thursday, May 26, 2016

Garena 5.23 - BY TDT [ HOT & NEW ]

The latest version Garena free time for you.

Some things have changed, plse see the full list of changes to the official website.

How can I use?
You can take the you need to register for free.
To do this, click on "Save" button at the court of the login.
They are on a page where you can submit the form to be redirected.
Those who registered the previous version need not register again. Just use the same username and .

In the new version to change some things. MH Cqccyh links and new ftures, including the possibility that you know that if you chat , and not just "a scourge. All these things can be seen in the resources page.

Version of the button, is now in Version detected automatically. Papers 1.20, 1.21, 1.24c, 1.24d version 1.24ey.

In others, many thanks to all who waited patiently, especially in those who still use the older version Garena lives.

You can sily the update on the links above (UO sy-Share 4shared SendSpace).

1 - Make all symbols
2 room with no and Anna advertising
3-screen rl table instd of the bar (in room, game occurred Thursday anyone UR)
4 spam messages in the channel has a
EXP incrsed 5-10 times, they keep it open, Garena, you can get Level
6-Unlimit Watch Group, also a full member
eration-9 1.20 1.21 1.24 / 1 v. 24d Map s-function
12-trace the IP address of the population
15 updates on Garena Garena later and later
16 - you can lve the room during the game
17 - is seen as a series of Platinum or the host
18 - War3 name can be changed arbitrarily
19 - the player can watch the game space and the inclusion of a list of members, as well as rooms with facilities and high
rates may be revised in 1920 in the profit and loss account
21st May have a significant high camera
Dota functions:
1922 CUSTOM KICK (kicking and Him)
£ 23 (DELAY of influence on players and not the others)
£ 24 can be silent or mute a player
see 25 computer opponents, IN
1926 poem comes SMS alerts, which describes the Rune down a bit, and even a ping minimap shows a different kind of color runes depond
27 Map Detector
28 to give the public a resource
1929 Kunkka see snipers in the final, while charging SB games, etc.
30 bars from the mana
31 Click safe - protecting jerky fog detection (including rept)
See below 32 units invisible gray bar.


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