Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dota 6.59d Collided Map

Another Way to Garena -DotA Games.

I took it from another website it is very usefull since collided maps dont ask other players to download the map for you.
It fakes the map to seems just like the original.

here is the tut.

Collided DotA v6.59d

Plse note that v1.23 has disabled collisions for now. If you have v1.23, it won't work. If you have an rlier , it will.
•Map detector? I don't remember, and I'm not checking right now
•Rune spawn notifier
•Low enemy hero hlth notifier
•- or -c toggles (they're automatically enabled, though!)
•-zoom or -z let you zoom in/out
•Hero stat notifier thingy (tells you hero's name, current hlth/max hlth, current mana/max mana)
•Minimap ping of hero loions
•Another hero stat thingy that tells you the hero's name, what abilities it has, and what skill level those abilities are
•Item detector thingy: If a hero picks up an item, it tells you what hero, owned by who, picked up what, or something similar
•Item detector thingy: If a hero drops an item, it tells you what hero, owned by who, dropped what, or something similar
PLSE PLSE PLSE NOTE: The collided map does not have traditional packs in it. There are no gold , there's no map; none of the normal . However, the that exist in this map can be very helpful for winning at DotA.
And plse... Don't ask for the normal type of in the map. It's impossible. End of story.

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