Thursday, May 26, 2016

perfect 6.59d collided map

ok this is the most perfect collided map i've ever use..i'm not the crtor and i just want to share it to u credits to the author..this is what the instructions() given..he said that it might desync but so far it works perfect for use just extract the map given to replace your original i deserve some reps?u

the word in the bracket is the to activate the (s) for the hero.
type -<> to activate it and type -<> to dctivate it.
if the bracket is empthy, it mns no is required, you can't activate it for other
players but when you are using that hero, it will auto-activate it for you.

================================================== =======================
eral commands:

camera height -z<1-1000>

enemies loion(-ping<><>)
can't detect switched hero. Simplify version of detector to reduce lag.

rune adetector(-rune<><>)
================================================== =======================
the on the rr bracket is the skill which is modified from 1-4
which 1 is the first skill on the left and 4 is the ultimate.
If I can't remember the skill loion I will just put p for passive skill or
some other words, you will get it yourself ok? I may as well give a wrong s. GO study yourself
if mine is wrong.

To avoid desync, give it 2 seconds to modify the skill. What I mn is that if a modified
damage skill come in contact with any enemy unit within 2 seconds it will probably desync.

Just make sure, for examples, like puck, yurnero, lich and phamtom lancer, you cast your 1st skill slightly
farther away from enemies units
And for other examples, like lanaya protections, cast it when nobody is attacking you.
Barathum is to be noticed. Cast your 1st spell but don't do anything in 2 seconds. Even select anyunit
or stop or move your unit. Yet the reward is awesome you get permanet speed bonus and shared visions
until you attack that unit again.

Well, for some ohter situations such as a laggy host or too many players playing this map. Just don't activate
-ping or just don't activate for others players. Too much ers = too danger to be desynced.
================================================== ================================================== ======

yurnero(omni) 4
padgu(pudge) p
naix(naix) open wound
prophet(tree) 1
================================================== ====================
obsedian(int) 2
note: type -int<><> the int bonus will be given to your allies in turns
type -int<><> the int bonus will be fixed on one player.
================================================== =======================
void(void) 4
sandking(sandking) 4
invoker(boost) 223
witch doctor(witch) voodoo
================================================== ==============================
to get perma speed bonus, type -night<><> at start, get lvl up your
3rd skill as fast as possible. When night comes you may still lvlup it.
But then don't lvlup your 3rd skill anymore at day time or you will permanently
lost your speed bonus.!!! You are warned.
================================================== ================================
luna(luna) 4
priestess(priestess) 4
================================================== ==============
if the one who type the is using doom then he will get 7000
bonus gold for ch creep he has ten. But if it's not his hero then
he will get 70000 gold once and for all. No more.
Share gold to allies by using SF Map or just buy a chicken and then
buy a lot of tango (consumable trees) and gave it to an allies, who will sell
it later? Probably if he is stupid he won't, but who cares?
================================================== ==============
bloodseeker(blood) 4
================================================== =========================
tiny(tiny) 1
note: type this every time you have tossed an enemy to the air.
Can't be dctiate so far. I am lazy to do the . So, if you activate it for an allies
make sure you won't allow him to switch.
================================================== ===========================
abbaddon(lord) 4
to dctivate, type -lord<> and then cast ulti again.
================================================== ======
================================================== ====
bristleback() 2
if you cast your sprill twice in less than 2 seconds you will be desync.
So the solution would be don't lvlup 3rd passive skill or just don't cast 2nd skill when you
are being attacked and have your passive skill selected.
================================================== =====
lich() 4
visage() damage bonus=permanent 2 maybe?
rylai() 4
puck() 1
layana() dmg prevention +4
phamtom lancer() 1?
barathum(bara) 1?
sven(sven) 4
================================================== ====
darkseer(wall) 4
don't use this if you have a low RAM old computer.
It may causes some damage to your old computer.
================================================== ====
Ogre(ogre) 4 multi cast become 9 hits.
BKB, Satanic ()(item)
Don't type the ! It will be auto-avtivate for you if you have this
map playing.
Just in case some of your allies have bought BKB or satanic, then you will need
to activate it for him, if he doesn't have this map.
But beware that you dctivate it again one he has get the permanet bonus effect.
Because once you activate it you activate it for all players who got those items.

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