Thursday, May 26, 2016

DotA 6.67c AI | DotA Allstars 6.67c AI Map

Dota 6.67c AI Map will be the upcoming DotA AI map instd of 6.67, 6.67b AI because IceFrog has recently relsed the official Dota 6.67c map which has fixed all the bugs of previous . So, BuffMePlz will follow IceFrog and he will start working on DotA 6.67c AI.

This page is crted to provide you all the updates of Dota 6.67c AI map by BuffMePlz.

Update #1 by BuffMePlz "No map until June at the rliest":

Absolutely swamped, likely won't have time until June to even look at the maps and script. I've been getting the changes from IceFrog and will update to whatever version is recent when I have time, but don't expect anything for at lst two months.

This is bad news for fans who are waiting for DotA 6.67c AI but we should not lose our hope and be patience until the map relses, BuffMePlz will not disappoint us :)

So guys be patient untill BMP posts an update of DotA 6.67c, Don't worry it will be posted right on this page.

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