Thursday, May 26, 2016

[DETECTED] CrashFix2

This program fixes two Crash s (described below).

Crash 1
Description: The (or er) plays Night Elf. He unroots his Tree of Life, reroots it, then repteldy starts and cancels construction of an Entangled Gold Mine. This causes your computer to lag over time. After a few minutes, your computer will freeze completely.
Usage: This is public.

Crash 2
Description: The shares control of his units to you (even though you are an enemy of his). He then builds a building over and over. This lags (or even freezes) WC3 right away.
Usage: This hasn't been relsed publicly, yet, but it is likely being used by over 100 people.

Inject this DLL file using RemoteDLL (any DLL injector will work) into your Warcraft III v1.24e process. If you inject this file into anything besides a Warcraft III v1.24e process, it will have no function. If you close Warcraft III and start it up again, you will need to inject this program again. If RemoteDLL gives you any errors when do the injection, then you are NOT protected from the Crash s. Plse make sure you are trying to inject into a Warcraft III v1.24e process. If you still get an error, plse let me know.

I have uploaded an example of ch crash so you can test that CrashFix2 is actually working.

The replays are for RoC. You can still view these with TFT installed: just use the "Warcraft III.exe" file instd of the "Frozen Throne.exe" file to start WC3.

Crash1 Example:
Without CrashFix2, you should be able to run the replay at 1x speed for a while, but WC3 will freeze within a minute.
With CrashFix2, you should be able to run the replay at 1x speed for the entire length of the replay. You may have a bit of lag by the end.

Crash2 Example:
Without CrashFix2, WC3 should freeze at 0:06 and give an error after a while.
With CrashFix2, you should have a few seconds of lag at 0:06 and then be able to watch the rest of the replay without problems.

-Completely rewrote CrashFix2.
-Fixed two more compatibility problems. It should now work without errors on Vista and 7.
-CrashFix2 is now open source.
-Added some basic error checking (checks to make sure it's loaded into WC3 v1.24e).

-Fixed a bug that caused this program to not work correctly on computers with ASLR enabled. (Most new computers).

-Initial v1.24e relse.

Blizzard is banning for CrashFix instd of Crash!

If you use this program on, YOU WILL BE BANNED!


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