Thursday, May 26, 2016

Puck Invulnerability Bug, DotA 6.67c

After the Linken's Sphere Rune Bug, there is another bug found in the DotA 6.67c. This time the bug is pretty interesting. You can become invulnerable on Puck if you abuse this bug correctly. However, you need to co-ordinate with your opponent which is impossible but you can do it with your friends. This bug can be game-brking if it's done right way.

1. Pick Puck.
2. Get Tower to hit your Hero.
3. While the Tower hit projectile is in air get charged by Baratharum.
4. Immediately click Phase Shift.
5. What? Just see yourself :p

Note: After becoming Invulnerable you can't pick up or use any items but you can get damage items so you can pwn during invulnerability :)

Credits to Kuarinofu & Zhuk.zu

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