Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Dota] MeepoBot v1.1

Good. Since many users can not use a written AlexandertheGrt MeepoBot re decided.

Well, I have a little problem with my , so I, the two works (you choose between them must, for the review.).

So far I have taken a srch engine such decisions:
1024 * 768
1280 * 1024

Resolutions, which are under construction:
640 * 480
20 * 576
800 * 600
1152 * 864
1280 * 960

WC3 Top / bots (- Links to Configuration>)
Bot Home / WC3 (-> set of )
Join games
Press the combination


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I hope all these resolutions, a way to add bot to be found will be selected against.
Excuse me a moment.

So far, I hope you offered.
If you have questions or problems, plse send this thrd in this context.

Sincerely, Tracky
Enjoy .

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