Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ladder Drop v 0.3d

by MyGarena

only 1.24
Warcraft III-E, or 1.24 1.24D
Garena (3.3 or 4.0 works GarenaM4ST3)

If you want to install

1 - Make sure Garena closed and Warcraft
2 - Click on the drop- - MYGarena.Co.CC.rar "
3 - u 2 and the files garena.exe war3.exe
4 - Bad garena.exe ur Garena folder
5 - ur war3.exe bath for a target folder of Warcraft

-How does it work?

1 - NO in Garena Warcraft
2 - u, if the game just opens Drop
3 - (most), click on the name of the tire

* All pull the ladder does not work

1.24DR * Works 02/24/2010

- "Kick Push is not working at all levels.
Make sure that the backup and WC3 War3Hook.dll Garena is, and if you for fun, want to ".
Downloads :

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